Press Release

Senate Passes Legislation to Require Gun Stores to Post Warning Notices

Sen. Blakespear’s bill would require gun sellers to post signs about the risk of bringing a firearm into your home 

SACRAMENTO – The Senate on Thursday passed legislation by Sen. Catherine Blakespear, D-Encinitas, to require gun sellers to post warnings about the danger of having a firearm in a home.

SB 417 was approved on a bipartisan 32-4 vote and moves next to the Assembly for consideration. 

“SB 417 is another step to help prevent gun violence and keep families safe,” Blakespear said. “By being made aware of the increased risks created by having a gun in their homes, gun owners are more likely to take measures to safely store their firearms to prevent them from being misused.”

Research indicates that the presence of a firearm in the home significantly increases the risk of suicide, death during domestic violence disputes and the unintentional death of children and household members.

SB 417 requires gun sellers to post the following notice: “Access to a firearm in the home significantly increases the risk of suicide, death, and injury during domestic violence disputes, and the unintentional death and traumatic injury to children, household members, and guests. If you or a loved one is experiencing distress or depression or is contemplating suicide, please call the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline at 1-800-273-TALK (8255).”

Research counters the long-held belief that having a gun in your home makes you safer. In fact, the risk of death by suicide is 4 to 10 times higher in homes with guns, and people living with handgun owners die by homicide at twice the rate of their neighbors in gun-free homes, according to a report by Harvard Health Publishing

Elected in November, Blakespear represents Senate District 38, which covers northern coastal San Diego County and part of Orange County. To learn more about the district and Blakespear, visit her Senate website.