Press Release

Sen. Blakespear Issues Statement on Orange County Shooting

SACRAMENTO – Sen. Catherine Blakespear, D-Encinitas, issued the following statement regarding the Wednesday’s shooting at a bar in Orange County’s Trabuco Canyon:

My heart goes out to the victims of the horrible shooting at Cook’s Corner in Trabuco Canyon on Wednesday. This is a sad reminder that even in California, which has some of the toughest gun laws in the nation, no one is safe from gun violence.

I thank Orange County sheriff’s deputies for their incredibly speedy and effective response, preventing this tragedy from being worse than it was. 

In modern society, we should not have to live with the danger, and the anxiety it causes, that anytime we go out into public we could face a hail of gunfire.

The truth is, even in California, we can do more to prevent gun violence from happening, and I encourage all concerned citizens to join together in our efforts to do that.

I have worked on legislation this year to educate more people about the dangers of owning guns (SB 417), ensure guns are safely stored and not misused (SB 8), and identify the bullets that come from guns used in crimes (SB 452). I will continue pushing those bills and look for other ways to help make the public safer and prevent these horrendous and deadly mass shootings from ever occurring.

Elected in November, Blakespear represents Senate District 38, which covers northern coastal San Diego County and parts of inland Orange County. To learn more about the district and Blakespear, visit her Senate website.